The 2010 CAVA Cup is a professional soccer tournament for professional international
teams. The CAVA Cup brings tremendous excitement, serious professional international
soccer competition, cultural diversity, and extreme family fun to global and local communities.
Professional soccer is recognized as one of the fastest growing sports around the world. The
CAVA Cup Professional Soccer Tournament delivers a method to continue to underscore the
universal appeal and excitement surrounding international soccer.

The Championship series will bring together world class international professional soccer
teams that have serious rivalries within the sport. These globally recognized teams and
athletes have a following that continually increases with each game and tournament. Fans
love to watch the games and interact with the athletes and sponsors of the games. We are
proud to announce the CAVA Cup Championship Series Games will be held in Birmingham,
Alabama during the week of July 23-26, 2010. The excitement and fever will continue to grow
with fans across the globe. Athletes that participated in the 2010 FIFA  World Cup games will
be in Birmingham, Alabama to participate in the CAVA Cup Championship Series. These
teams include Motagua, CD Victoria from Honduras, CD FAS of El Salvador, Real Cartagena
of Colombia Club. These and other teams will bring world class athletes and competitors to
the field of play during the Championship Series.
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Championship Rounds
Birmingham, Al.
July 23-26, 2010
Wilson Avanti
The official ball of the
2010 CAVA Cup
The 2010 CAVA Cup Championship Series Professional Soccer Tournament of
Champions is proud and honored to announce the teams that will make up this year’s
tournament roster.
The teams are:
These are just some of the world class athletes associated with the CAVA Cup
Championship Series who will have played in the 2010 World Cup. The rivalry between
athletes and teams runs very deep. This rivalry will provide increased excitement
during the tournament for fans and audiences alike.

C.D. Real Cartagena

C.D. Real Cartagena
Eduardo Carrillo
José Najera
Ricardo Santana
Jorge Luis Ramos
El Salvador
Roberto Peña
Luis Motor Contreras
Juan Carlos Moscoso
Cristiam Alvarez
William Reyes
Alejandro Bentos

C.D. Victoria
C.D. Motagua

C.D. Victoria
Carlos Escobar
Junior Izaguirre
Nimrod Medina
Carlos Morán
Victor Arzú
Wilmer Crisanto

C.D. Motagua
Amado Guevara
Sergio Mendoza
Ricardo Canales,
Georgie Welcome